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Final: The Spurs Toast the Blazers, 103-90

The San Antonio Spurs worked their game plan to perfection, easily beating down the struggling Portland Trail Blazers. Adding injury to insult, LaMarcus Aldridge was hurt with a rough fall in the third quarter.

Yes, this is a professional wrestling reference.
Yes, this is a professional wrestling reference.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Blazers were led by Damian Lillard (23 points), Nicolas Batum (13 points, 14 rebounds) and LaMarcus Aldridge (14 points), but the team "led" is relative, as the team looked rudderless all night, even before Aldridge's injury.

Ben has ongoing coverage of the Aldridge injury in this article.

Box Score

First Half: There's no point in recapping this half. The Blazers. Were. Terrible. They forced poor passes and ugly outside shots. When they got open, they missed. At the other end, they gave up easy layups, and loads of offensive rebounds. On top of that, the already red-hot Spurs were hitting their jumpers, starting out 6-8 from three. Meanwhile, Matthews missed two free throws, part of a Blazer 10-17 FT performance in the half. After giving up their second straight buzzer-beating three-pointer, Portland was down at the half, and deserved to be.

San Antonio 56, Portland 40

Second Half: Aldridge took a terrible fall onto his back and left the game in the first minute of the second half. Portland quickly cut the lead to 8 before San Antonio effortlessly pushed the lead back to 13.But their shots stopped falling, and Lillard nailed a three-pointer to cut the deficit to six. San Antonio held serve afterward, holding a 9 point lead after three. But the Spurs hit 3 three-pointers in 90 seconds to open the fourth, pushing the lead to 18 effectively putting the game away.

What's Next:

One more game left to get a win on this road trip, in New Orleans against the Pelicans Friday evening. But stay tuned for Dave's analysis tonight.

Gameday Thread Comments of the Night:

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
8 dpnim GREEN!
8 Timmay! Dang it Blazers I was trying to watch Magnum PI.
6 Timmay! Then it's a day that ends in "day"
3 Blazing Chargers Blazers need to stop playing basketball on Superstar difficulty.
3 axel360 Defeated is a really good word
3 lightskin350 I can't even get pumped up about Lillards monster dunk until I find out about LA.
3 colbymac Lillard says, "Don't you dare die on me!"
3 dpnim Remember that scene with the field where they are riding horses and fighting?
2 BlazerPack Well it was a fun year while it lasted fellas.
2 CroRupt we will win this
2 Idog1976 Might need an early call to T-Robb
2 axel360 So maybe we'll lose by 20 instead of 22!
2 colbymac Lillard giving CPR to the blazers with that jam
2 BlazersDiaspora Guys chill
2 Timmay! Even Cliff Robinson is like "Batum, what are you doing?"
2 Timmay! I've never seen any sign the Blazers don't have heart
2 DaptoDog I'm past the point of feeling nervous
2 Timmay! I'm almost finished with the recap, hopefully the Blazers force me to blow it up.
2 Slinger81 The solution, obviously, is to acquire Taye Diggs
2 Mortimer Yup