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Blazer's Edge Podcast, Episode 3

The Blazer's Edge Podcast returns with a two-part third episode featuring a conversation between Blazer's Edge contributors Chris Lucia and Sam Tongue.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For episode 3 of the Blazer's Edge Podcast, I had on Blazer's Edge contributor Sam Tongue. We discussed several topics pertaining to the Blazers, including defensive and offensive execution, Damian Lillard's struggles, the recent play of the bench and much more.

We talked for just over an hour, so this episode of the podcast is split into two parts.

You can download .mp3 files of both parts below:

Blazer's Edge Podcast: Episode 3, part 1

Blazer's Edge Podcast: Episode 3, part 2

Thanks for listening this week! Feel free to email any suggestions or feedback.

-- Chris Lucia | | Twitter