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Blazer's Edge Videocast: What do the recent struggles mean?

In this videocast, Dave and Sam answer an email question about what the past few weeks of struggles mean for the second half of the season, and how the Trail Blazers can turn it around.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Blazer's Edge readers, and welcome to another Videocast!

In this edition, Sam and Dave delve into an email question (from yet another Mike!) asking about the what recent struggles of the Portland Trail Blazers could mean for the second half of the season. They also offer their views on what it will take for the team to get back in the groove they had just a few weeks ago.

If you missed our last episode, we are changing the style of the videos a little bit -- instead of bringing you a more long-form video every couple weeks, we are instead creating shortened versions and posting a few times each week for your viewing pleasure during lunch, at halftime, etc.

Hope you enjoy!