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Blazer's Edge Videocast: Recapping All-Star Weekend

Dave and Sam break down all things All-Star related, including how Damian Lillard fared on Friday and Saturday and Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge's lack of playing time on Sunday.

Christian Petersen

Hello Blazer's Edge readers, and welcome to the All-Star edition of the Blazer's Edge Videocast!

In this video, Sam and Dave chat about all things All-Star, including the changes to the dunk contest, skills challenge and three-point shooting formats, Damian Lillard's busy weekend and LaMarcus Aldridge (along with Lillard) having a lackluster performance during Sunday's showcase.

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Also another quick note... the first and last 10 seconds of the video are a little rocky, but they clear up as it goes along. Hope you enjoy!