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All Star Weekend: Damian Lillard Wins Skills Contest, Loses Three-Point and Dunk Contests

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NBA All-Star Saturday Night Results

Shooting Stars Challenge: The team led by Chris Bosh won when Bosh caught fire from half-court.

Skills Challenge: Portland's Damian Lillard teamed with Utah's Trey Burke to win the event by an insane 0.1 seconds! Ben has more here.

Three-Point Contest: Lillard scored 18 points, but was unable to make the Finals. Marco Belinelli scored 19 to advance, and eventually won the event over Bradley Beal, in a head-to-head match-up that had to be settled with a tiebreaking round.

Dunk Contest: Lillard hit a between-the-legs alley-oop dunk in the first round of the dunk contest, which was won by the East. In the second round, he battled defending champion and Portland native Terrence Ross, who used hip-hop artist Drake as a prop. On the same night that Sprite (who sponsors the dunk contest) un-retired their Drake commercial, Despite a nice dunk, Lillard was eliminated.

The East went on to win, in one of the lamest events in NBA history, saved only by a few nice dunks at the end. John Wall was named the dunker of the night, as it just seemed to randomly end with no real excitement.

Here are the videos of Lillard's dunks.

Here were the top comments from tonight's BE Gameday Thread, which was more fun than this event! You can re-experience the entire event in the comments at the bottom, but I can't blame you if you decline.

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
10 Timmay! [no title]
10 Timmay! [no title]
8 Timmay! They break it in half, like the trophy for the Rising Stars MVP
3 Timmay! [no title]
3 QualityPie We coulda traded Babbitt for that.
3 Timmay! I'm surprised he didn't leave his team and sign a contract with KD's team for an easier chance to win this.
3 Timmay! [no title]
3 thankyouforblaze one of my fav gifs ever:
3 ScotlandTrailblazer I'd be impressed if Griffin could jump over the Clippers bandwagon.
2 thankyouforblaze I thought RHCP was bad too. But that dude looks good for being 90 years old.
2 KingLamarcus Check it out KingWes, it's KingErnie!
2 KingWes 'Nique said Dame had the best dunk!
2 Timmay! I read that out of context at first and it was weird.
2 ballislife Dang, what a huge disappointment
2 Blzr31 True
2 thankyouforblaze lol, it was pretty mediocre. He jumped over a dude the size of Kevin Hart.
2 ScotlandTrailblazer If you mean the entire event I couldn't agree more.
2 Timmay! Damian is about to get Rudy'd, I'm worried.
2 pdxthomastran Also Dame already did a dunk through the legs in the freestyle round
2 Timmay! The better Damian does early, the more the home fans will know his name by the dunk contest.
2 Timmay! Old Spice commercials didn't work on me when I was 20, and they don't work on me now.
2 BlazersBrasil Let's go Damian.


Welcome to the All-Lillard, All-Day portion of the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend. Here is today's schedule of events:

5:30pm: All Star Saturday Night begins (TNT)

Event 1: Shooting Stars Challenge
Event 2: Skills Challenge
Event 3: Three-point Contest
Event 4: Slam Dunk Competition

Hang out here all evening and chat about the events! The usual rules apply. Have fun! -- Tim