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Portland Trail Blazers Trades at the NBA Trading Deadline

Dave Deckard and Sam Tongue address the trade prospects of the Portland Trail Blazers as the NBA Trade Deadline approaches.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back for another episode of the Videocast!

In this episode, Dave and Sam address two different questions: one about acquiring a player still looking for a team, and another about a player for a team that could be bottoming out.

As usual, send your email questions to blazersub@gmail,com!

Additionally, the Videocast is offering a new twist: every Monday, the two of us will answer the most "burning question" from the emails you send Dave's way. That can be a question about the Blazers, the NBA, a crazy rule, jersey styles, etc. -- the sky is the limit on topics. Whichever Dave deems the most thoughtful, interesting, funny, ot difficult question of the week, we will answer it on Mondays. That's starting next Monday, so send in those questions!

Hope you enjoy.

Note: This was recorded prior to the Joel Freeland injury. However, the topic is still very pertinent.