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Portland Trail Blazers News: Win Over the Knicks, Aldridge is Awesome, Power Rankings

Catching up with the Trail Blazers news from around the internet.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

As a Blazers news reader, I like to see what is said AFTER a game.... especially after an east coast game. Looking at todays news, the east coast writers do acknowledge the Blazers winning, but more is mentioned about NY's losing ways, and in fact, Phil Jackson emerged today to share his takes on NY's lack of wins (which garnered more east coast/national commentary). With that being said.....

What I like about the Blazers?. They seem to be quietly going about their business. Wins have a way of solving the worlds problems. Not a ripple of player discontent......well, there was the Victor Claver upheaval last week and that news had to be interpreted. Injuries have been minor (knock on wood). So lets hope the good mojo continues.... and the wins keep coming.


Blazers use execution, confidence in win over Knicks (from Jabari Young,

LaMarcus Aldridge's late heroics, Nicolas Batum's rediscovered rhythm  (from Joe Freeman,

Coach Stotts, LaMarcus and Damian Lillard audio (from Casey Holdahl)

LaMarcus post game video with Mike Barrett  (from

Wes Mathews and Brandon Roy. Blazer history in the making.  (from Dane Carbaugh, The Sporting News)

LaMarcus Aldridge and his upcoming contract status  (from Marc Berman,

Phil Jackson (whiner alert !)  (from James Herbert,

Andre Miller update video (from Jack Winter,

This weeks powers rankings. From Yahoo Sports, and