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Knicks May Be Interested in Wesley Matthews.

How come every time the Knicks stink they get delusional? More evidence here.

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Berman writing for thinks there may be interest in trying to woo away Wesley Matthews from the Portland Trail Blazers.

On the surface, shooting guard isn't a Knicks need until you consider: Iman Shumpert is a free agent and could be traded at the deadline. J.R. Smith has an opt-out clause he may use to get away from the triangle offense, and Tim Hardaway Jr. hasn't been a favorite of the new regime because of his defense.

Maybe it was after viewing the display Matthews put up against the Knicks on Sunday night when he scored 28 points going 10 of 21 (6 of 15 3pts) in 32 minutes that makes Matthews so attractive. Maybe it is his tough defense. Maybe it is his current contract that makes him $7.2 million this season and the expected future contract of around $10 million per year that is perking up interest. But the shooting guard that started in Utah as an undrafted walk-on currently has no plans to leave the Blazers.

For now I'm a Trail Blazer. It's the only thing I see. I'm really not thinking about it.