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Christmas Day Open Thread

Hang out with your fellow Blazer fans while the NBA plays games all day, and talk about whatever you'd like.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Christmas, all! Welcome to the annual Blazer's Edge Christmas Day Open Thread.

First, let's run down the NBA's schedule today. You're welcome to hang out, laugh at the jerseys, and talk about any of the ongoing games:

Game 1: Wizards (19-8) at Knicks (5-25), 9:00 am, ESPN
Game 2: OKC (13-16) at Spurs (18-11), 11:30 am, ABC
Game 3: Cavaliers (17-10) at Heat (13-16), 2:00 pm, ABC
Game 4: Lakers (9-19) at Bulls (19-9), 5:00 pm, TNT
Game 5: Warriors (23-4) at Clippers (19-10), 7:30 pm, TNT

[Full disclosure: I stole this list from an article at SI written by some Ben Golliver dude. Sounds kind of like a fake name, but you never know. If you want details on these games, you may want to check it out.]

But you don't have to talk about the NBA to hang out here. Heck, you don't even have to celebrate Christmas. All are welcome. Feel free to chat away. Here are a few topics to consider:

1. Duh, tell us what you got for Christmas.

2. How awesome is Damian Lillard? Isn't it nice when WE get a draft-day steal?

3. What's the absolute worst Christmas movie that you secretly enjoy anyway?

4. Some of you are surely sick of them, but what's your favorite Christmas song this year? Link to the YouTube clip for us. Here's my choice:

Enjoy Christmas Day, and don't forget the Blazers are back in action tomorrow night, at home against the improving Philadelphia 76ers!