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Portland Trail Blazers Podcast: Damian Lillard, the San Antonio Spurs, and More

The Blazer's Edge Podcast takes on a myriad of topics including Laker hatred, Bill Schonely's legacy, victories over the Spurs, and much more!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and Gentlemen, this week's edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast is now online and ready to go! Phil Naessens of the Phil Naessens Show discuss victories, what makes the Blazers special, how neither of us ended up with LaMarcus Aldridge as our Player of the Week when the NBA gave him the official award for it, and Phil's irrational and toxic hatred of the much more!

You can phone in questions to the Podcast at 234-738-3394. We always like those.

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--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge