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Robin Lopez's Top "Simpsons" Episodes

The Trail Blazers center takes a moment from rehab to dish on The Simpsons.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Portland Trail Blazer Robin Lopez will have time on his hands as he recovers from the injury he sustained during the recent Spurs game. interviewed Lopez on his favorite The Simpsons shows knowing his predilection for the off beat adult animated sitcom.

"When I was younger," Lopez says, "the first one that appealed to me was 'Lemon of Troy.' My favorite thing about that episode was seeing the world of Shelbyville for the first time, and then seeing the kids' world. It was kind of what it was like to be a kid, but in Springfield."

Episodes that Robin remembers as some of his favorites are 'Homer Badman', 'Lisa's Substitute', 'Homie the Clown', 'A Fish Called Selma', and 'You Only Move Twice'. Other episodes were mentioned during the interview, including "Mr. Plow" - Lopez could recite Adam West's cameo word-for-word - and various bits from the "Treehouse of Horror" episode.

Do you have a favorite episode? Amaze fellow BlazersEdge readers with your choices.