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Choose Your Own Adventure: Post-Up

Sometimes the defense does a good job. It’s something you run into when playing the best teams in the world. You pass the ball to Steve Blake (formerly Allen Crabbe) thinking he might be able to get a shot off but his defender stays right with him. Luckily, there’s always another action.

Steve squares up to the rim and prepares to play a two man game with Aldridge as you move away to space the floor. Blake can wait for a screen or make an entry pass into the post.

Once Aldridge catches in the post Blake can cut baseline looking for a handoff, drift to the top of the key, or set a screen on Lillard's defender. Either way Aldridge has the entire left side of the floor to himself and goes to his patented fall away.

It’s a pretty simple play for the point guard but you did your job and trusted your teammates. In the end you didn’t score but that’s a pretty good shot and you’ll get your chance sooner or later.

Try to run the play again