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Choose Your Own Adventure: High Screen

You sorta half look for Batum and Welsey but really you just want to keep this yourself. During film session, Stotts will point out that Batum should have noticed his defender was going so far under the screen and popped for a three pointer. Since he didn't, the Celtics can cover the back door cut without having Brandon Bass drop off of Aldridge. That's a problem because now Bass is in position to trap you as you come off the screen. The play is really designed to force Bass to make a decision. Take away the back cut and be out of position for the pick and roll or stay tight to Aldridge and leave the lane open.

Batum's mistake has now left you to deal with a double team.

Crap. You panic a little bit but bust out a fundamentally sound escape dribble from who knows where. Both defenders follow you leaving someone open. You survey the court seeing that none of the weak side defenders have left their men. That means Aldridge is all alone in the middle of the floor and you just need to get him the ball somehow.

A quick fake and overhead pass gets the job done and Aldridge has a clean look at a twenty footer. You're impressed at how well you handled the pressure and feel ready for whatever the defense might throw at you next time down.

Try to run the play again