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Choose Your Own Adventure: Back Screen

You see that the defender is in a trailing position as Batum goes around the back screen. Assuming Aldridge makes solid contact, Batum should have a step on his defender going to the hoop. A step is all he needs and this has "easy two" written all over it.

The only thing that can screw it up is if Aldridge's defender has sagged into the paint. Sometimes players will notice that their teammate is a step behind and drop back to help as needed. You look and Jared Sullinger is attached to Aldridge's hip clearly worried about his sweet jumper and the prospect of a high pick and roll.

The lane is wide open and you lead Batum with the pass even before he's around the screen anticipating the opening. Too bad the ball slips and you lead him just a little too far. "Shouldn't have eaten all those complimentary McDonald's french fries" you think to yourself as the ball leaves your hand. Nervous eating was always one of your bad habits.

Luckily, Batum's go-go gadget arms snare the ball and he drops a pass to Lopez before falling out of bounds. He misses the shot but it's a good look and at least you read the play right. You trot back on defense with a few less butterflies and too many fried potatoes in your stomach.

Try to run the play again