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Choose Your Own Adventure: Down Screen

Down screens are one of the toughest things to guard because they make a defender pick his poison. If the defender stays close to his man in a trailing position, Allen Crabbe (formerly Wesley Matthews) can curl into the middle catching the ball at the rim. If he goes under the screen taking away the curl, Crabbe can pop out to the three point line.

Batum was covered on the back cut so you look towards Allen Crabbe as you both try to read the play at the same time. It’s important that you anticipate the cut he’s going to make so you can deliver the pass on time and not allow the defense to recover.

It looks like the defender has…

A. Gone under the screen. Silly man. Doesn’t he know the only thing Crabbe can do is shoot?

B. Trailed the play trying to take away the jump shot. To bad he’s a step behind and about to get hit by big ol’ Caveman screen.

C. Done a dang good jump staying step for step with Crabbe. He’s still open but he might not be able to get a shot off.

D. Completely forgotten he's supposed to be defending anyone.