If we consider the Blazers authentic, what about sponsorship?

Perhaps just a thought for the future and many "what ifs", I would like to entertain some ideas concerning the massive corporate sponsorships and lack of true business community support of our beloved Blazers.

First off, we all know that business can be cold calculated and rather inhuman sometimes. Unfortunately that seems to apply mostly to chains and Wall Street corporations than to smaller independently owned businesses. Do our successful Trail Blazers really need "I'm lovin' it?" I can understand a local appliance dealer and such, but McDonalds? Buffalo Wild Wings? These are fake places with fake food. I don't need to explain about fast food and the dangers to anyone, but even a restaurant/bar like Buffalo Wild Wings serves blue cheese with no blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette with no balsamic vinegar. Hot wings not so hot by the way.

The issue here is authenticity and integrity. We may be innocuous to advertisers for the most part, but sometimes even the strongest willed amongst us can succumb to their suggestions. If their product was any good, they would not need to keep advertising so much. Eh?

I am not suggesting that we ask the Blazer organization make any changes,or advocating any kind of protest. I am merely suggesting that we Blazer fans vote with our dollars, share our experiences, support quality businesses and eventually our authentic business community may have better influence.