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The Dallas Mavericks Might be Eyeing LaMarcus Aldridge

Speculation that the Dallas Mavericks (along with just about every other team in the league, we presume) could be eyeing LaMarcus Aldridge during his free-agency period next summer.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

A story published last night in SportsDayDFW, the online version of the Sports Section of The Dallas Morning News, suggests the possibility of The Dallas Mavericks going after Aldridge next year during the free-agency period.  Before the question was fully articulated to him Dirk Nowitzki seemed to nix the idea:

"Ease up on that," he said.

Later in the conversation he softened his position a bit.

"I think I've showed in my career that I can play with anybody in this league," Nowitzki said, clearly warming up to the idea. "In some situations, he's playing the five [center] when they go small, so ..."

The story makes it clear that this is entirely speculative at this point but what's wrong with a little dreaming?

Nobody but Aldridge knows whether the lure of returning to his hometown would be something that would appeal to him. For now, there's nothing to suggest that Aldridge-to-Dallas is anything more than a wild dream.

As we Trailblazer fans know LaMarcus Aldridge came from Seagoville, Texas.  Is it possible he would like to go home next year? Or is Dallas just dreaming?

This could be a long year when it comes to these kinds of rumors...