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Portland Trail Blazers Links: More Cleveland Cavaliers Aftermath

Links and notes from around the league, including people getting really, REALLY down on the Cleveland Cavaliers after the Trail Blazers beat them. Plus Dallas previews, Rudy Fernandez news, and more.

Steve Dykes

For those that don't have the time, desire, or inclination to follow Twitter, today has been a fun day following the ongoing (and down right funny) reaction to the now 1-3 Cavs. I know this is a Blazer Fan site, but bear with me and read some of this stuff. The irony of how the tides can change in the NBA in a weeks time never ceases to amaze me.


Gotta love this updated photo of LeBron (by Andy Johnson/Twitter)

Here's a stat you wouldn't expect from a LeBron, Kyrie, K Love team  (by Devin Kharpertian/Twitter)

Dwight Jaynes (who was out for awhile after taking a bad fall) jumped in with his take on Coach Blatt  (by Dwight Jaynes/

Then Dwight gets blasted by this dude (by Chad McQueen)

Now it's getting kinda silly ....... (Twitter)

and sillier ......... (Twitter)

and sillier ....... (Twitter)

And last but not least, LeBron and Kyrie "exchanged words" after the Blazer loss  (by Brian Windhorst,

Enough on the Cavs. On to the Mavs, and other sights and sounds around the NBA.......

Tonight's game preview straight from Dallas (by

Blazers/Mavs video preview (by Matt Moore,

Rudy Fernandez update (by Rudy Fernandez, Twitter)  (I have no clue what it says, but note the bandaged hand)

According to this, the eastern conference is maintaining its hold on being the crappiest conference in the league

Trivia Question: How many guys in the NBA have two first letter first names?..........Answer.

Note: I have no idea if this is everyone or not.... feel free to add a name to the comments

Just saw this and had to add it. It has nothing to do with anything Blazers... but I did laugh out loud (by Twitter)