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Portland Trail Blazers News from Around the Web

All the news that's fit to print about the Blazers' win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and even more juicy topics.

Steve Dykes

I've read a lot of material today regarding the Blazers' win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, and what I have found is a lot of questions regarding the Cavs' desire, cohesiveness, and general lack of interest in playing the Blazers. I had a hard time finding anyone that would come right out and say, "on this given night the Blazers were the better team.'" I think they were. You can make your own assessment. Take a look at some of this material and see what your take is. -Dan

LeBron blames their two losses on "bad habits" and the teams past losing ways  (by NBS Sports)

What's wrong with LeBron? (by Andrew Sharp, Grantland)

LeBron seemed disinterested (by Dime

Dion Waiters evidently knows what's best for the Cavs  (by

This is a small sample size, but like I said at the beginning, not a lot of love for the Blazers. On to the fun stuff

Raymond Felton update (by Joe Freeman/Twitter)

Luke Babbitt update (by John Reed/Twitter)

A look at local players in the NBA (by Sean Meagher,

Blazers/ Cavs box scores (by (NOTE: Lillard "0" turnovers)

Nice video recap from Talkin Ball (with the Comcast crew and Chris Haynes)  (by