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News from around the web, Nov. 3: Robin Lopez Being Robin Lopez

We collect the most interesting Trail Blazers links from around the web and dish them up straight to you!

Steve Dykes

Robin Lopez being, well, Robin Lopez. His reaction to getting dunked on  (by Casey Holdahl)

ESPN Power rankings (courtesy of ESPN)

Blazers week in review (by Eric Gunderson, The Columbian)

One of Paul Allen's (many) interests (by Paul Allen/Twitter)

Mo Williams update (by Joseph Cascario, The

Nolan Smith update (by

Wes $ interview and post game analysis (by Jabari Young, CSNNW)

Damian Lillard/ Kyrie Irving write up (by Mike Richman,

Iconic photo and a bit of history trivia (non Blazers related) (by Chicago Bulls/Twitter)

Terry Stott's video from todays practice. (by Sean Meagher,

Damien Lillard and Kyrie Irving on being leaders in the current NBA  (by Chris Haynes)

Blazers "to do" list with LeBron and Co. in town  (by Joe Freeman,