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Chris Kaman's Early-Season Efficiency For The Blazers contributor Ben Dowsett takes a look at how Blazers backup center Chris Kaman has managed to integrate himself into coach Terry Stotts' offense both effectively and efficiently.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports contributor Ben Dowsett recently examined the role of Chris Kaman in the Blazers' system. Kaman, 32, has found success off the bench in coach Terry Stotts' system, scoring efficiently and effectively. Although his projected role this past offseason called for him to contribute mostly in the post, Kaman has developed into a productive mid-range shooter, as well. Dowsett explains:

Nearly 60% of his mid-range looks this year have come with no defender closer than four feet, per NBASavant, shots classified by's SportVU database as "Open" or "Wide Open." He is shooting 48.3% on catch-and-shoot chances so far this year, which is actually a better number than Aldridge or Dirk Nowitzki.

See this video Dowsett posted of Kaman's jumper in action:

On the defensive end, Kaman has shown throughout his career to be an average rebounder, but is currently capitalizing on about 66% of available rebound opportunities, as Dowsett continues:

But despite his age, he is throwing it back this year: Kaman is currently rebounding 19.6% of all missed shots while he is on the court, per, eighth of the 56 ‘rotation' centers in the NBA and a career high mark. He may level off some, but his role in the hyper-conservative defensive scheme Stotts employs may prove this figure to be less of an anomaly than one might assume. Kaman is collecting 65.9% of all his available rebound opportunities, per SportVU (defined as chances where he is within 3.5 feet of the ball), right in the neighborhood of guys such as Dwight Howard and Andre Drummond.

Dowsett further chronicles Kaman's shooting percentage close to the hoop, solid footwork, rim protection and his fit in the player substitution pattern.

(Editor's note: Thank you to Blazer's Edge user conspirator5 for linking to this article in the comments section of the Thanksgiving thread yesterday and bringing it to our attention.)