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A Blazer's Edge Thanksgiving

Share what you're thankful for on this day.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

It's Thanksgiving Day (for our American readers, anyway) and we're going to mark the occasion by giving you a chance to share what you're thankful for. Naturally we're mostly talking about Trail Blazers related thanks, but if you want to branch out to other NBA topics or even just life in general, what the's a holiday, right?

As for me, my overwhelming thought is how thankful I am for the staff at Blazer's writers, feature writers, fellow editors, and all. The season isn't even a month old and they've already accomplished some amazing things. (16 straight hours of season preview comes to mind...) And we're only getting warmed up. When we actually hit our stride, the result is going to be awe-inspiring. I'm glad you're all along for the ride, and congratulations on the great work!

I'm also thankful for the best readers in the universe, all the Mailbag questions, all the comments, all the fun. I couldn't ask for a more meaningful venue to talk about sports. I'm grateful to each and every one of you.

That's mine. Your turn! Share your thanks below. Here's hoping you all enjoy the holiday!

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge

Update: And right on cue, we have a voice mail number for you to call and leave your questions for the Blazer's Edge Podcast. It's  234-738-3394. We have plenty of room for all thanks to the tip of a kind reader and Google Voice, so don't be shy. We'd be thankful if you'd call and leave a question we might be able to use.