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Adam Silver Thinks 20 Is the Appropriate Minimum Age for NBA Players

The NBA Commissioner weighs in once again on increasing the minimum age for NBA players. What's your take?

Mike Stobe/Getty Images quoted from a story in GQ Magazine that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver thinks raising the minimum age for NBA players to 20 years old would be better for basketball as a whole.

Their (the players union) principal argument is that it's a restriction on players. And as a philosophical argument, I totally understand that. Of course it's a restriction, in the same way a draft is a restriction. But our view is that it would make for a better league. You'd have more skilled players, more mature players. The draft would be better. It would be better for basketball in general. Strong college basketball is great for the NBA. And we know those players are eventually going to come to the NBA, whether they are 19 or 20 or 21.

The age limit requiring American players to be 19 and a year out of high school was implemented in 2005. Both Silver and his predecessor David Stern have long spoken about increasing the age limit to 20.

In the article Mr. Silver shared ideas on a wide range of topics including social issues within sports, NBA sports gambling, changing basketball court size, and a harder salary cap.

Do you agree with Silver that the minimum age ceiling should be raised to 20? Do you think an age limit should exist at all? Weigh in with your comments!