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Portland Trail Blazers Forward Victor Claver Unhappy with Situation

Portland Trail Blazers forward Victor Claver expresses discontent with his role and playing time.

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Spanish website has run an interview with Portland Trail Blazers forward Victor Claver in which Claver expresses discontent with his playing time and spot in the rotation in Portland. The site reports in Spanish but Blazer's Edge reader amlmart1 translates for us:

Despite the good run the Portland Trail Blazers have had (they have won their last six games and are fourth in the West with 9-3), Víctor Claver is experiencing a complicated situation in his third season.

In 12 games played so far he was active only once, and he did not play at all. A difficult situation that makes him rethink his future with the franchise from Oregon. "My point is that I can not spend another season without playing. It does not depend on me, but what I want is to play", the player from Valencia said.

For Claver, the season began as a challenge. Being aware of the limited roster changes he was confident about his progression within the team. "Despite how things happened last season, and the few moves that the team made in the summer, I came here ready to do everything and having trained to the top, so I could help from the start of the season," Claver said, sure of the Blazers potential. "The team aspires to be high (in the standings) and the 15 players on the roster are ready to play."

However, the lack of opportunities has changed the forward´s view, and he now openly talks about finding a solution to his current personal situation. In the last year of his contract, it's clear that Victor Claver wants to play in the NBA. "If it can´t be here (to play), I'll have to find a solution to this situation"

Asked about his relationship with the coaching staff and their explanations for roles within the team, Claver said, "They tell me that there are other players in the team who they think they deserve to play in front of me. I respect that, but my goal is to have the opportunity to enter the rotation and to play, and for that I work hard every day "

Comfortably installed in the city and grateful for the treatment he has received from the franchise and fans, Claver only lacks the opportunity and the minutes on court to be happy in Portland. "I love the franchise, the city and the treatment from the people, but I think I'm ready to play and if it can not be here it must be in another place." Claver who does not intend to miss any opportunity coming his way. "I'm in the last year of my contract and I want the chance to prove that I can help the team to win games,"

Claver has played in 70 games, less than 1000 minutes total, in his NBA career, which started in 2012. The 6'9" forward is averaging 2 points, 2 rebounds, and 40% shooting in 14 minutes per game for his career.

Hat tip to echoes of 77 for linking this story in the Fanshots and thanks again to amlmart1 for translating services.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge