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Portland Trail Blazers News: Damian Lillard Highlights, Q&A

Interesting tidbits about the Blazers and the NBA condensed into link form for your perusal.

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As it's already been reported, LaMarcus Aldridge coming down with a bug right before Saturdays game adds a new wrinkle to Terry Stott's bench management. As a player or a coach I can't imagine having to be "on" all the time. The rest of us can have a  hang over gut ache (call in sick), my knee hurts (call in sick), I'm coming down with the flu (the fish are running). Let's hope LA and Nic get well soon, but lets also hope that these absences are exactly what a couple of our bench players need to take the next step forward. On to the news....


Read this true story about Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson and his girlfriend, Gia Allemand  (by Chris Ballard, After this piece came out, Anderson came forward to share more insights into the passing of his girlfriend, and his struggle to move forward.  (by Lesley Messer via Good Morning America). (Also, hat-tip to JelaniGNatural for his Monty Williams link from regarding this tragedy)


Here's a little known fact: Robin Lopez stole Ryan Anderson from his twin brother Brook. (I don't write this's the Lopez's). And here's more....just....plain...weird stuff from the Lopez's, and I think, Ryan Anderson from their days with the Nets.

Allen Crabbe. You gotta be happy for the guy, and props to Stott's and his staff for having the cojones to call his number  ( by Joe Freeman, O-Live)

Everyone from the players and coaches to General Manager Neil Olshey and CEO Chris McGowan joined military personnel stationed across the Northwest at Oregon Food Bank West on Friday to help sort and package boxes of food for people in the area needing food assistance...

Also this from Nic Batum's Instagram.

Blazers Edge rated #15 in the Nation? I have no idea who this is, or who's doing the rating, but 15th in THE NATION? (nice find Sagar)  (by

Damian Lillard video. 3-3 pointers in 44 seconds  (by Jack Winter,, and more Lillard highlight video. 27 points 9 assists against Denver  (from youtube)

Terry Stott's video recapping the 1st half of the Denver game  (by

Like the idea of NBA Christmas uniforms?. Here ya go, take a look (by Spencer Lund, (Hat-tip to baronofsouthmain) . Also, from Joe Freeman/, this article on the Blazers Christmans Jerseys.

More Damian Lillard, from a Q&A he held on Twitter  (by