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Portland Trail Blazers News: Bench Love, Lopez Brothers, Lillard Video

All the news about the Blazers that's fit to consume, including Lopez brothers ribbing each other, Portland's bench getting credit, and Meyers Leonard talking about being Meyers Leonard.

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I'm a news junkie. Especially Blazers news. These past few days of relative calm have been sort of disheartening. Saturday matinee games don't generate much excitement, especially when it's a loss. I'm not sure the national media even knew Portland played on Saturday. Even the local guys seemed to take a pass. But, todays a new day, the NBA never sleeps, so lets see what's out there.


Portland's bench FINALLY starting to get a little love  Sorry, this is from the Dallas game. Gotta get the props when you can. (by Jason Quick, O-Live).

Then there's poor Bob. If you haven't seen this, take a look.  (by Kenny Dorset, Social Media Staff, Bleacher Report)

Damian Lillard video. "Dirty Step back 3"  (by Jack Winter,

Nic Batum video. Should players be rested? (by  Also on this video link is a segment regarding "Chris Kaman nicknames" that is kind of amusing.

Jerryd Bayless update (by Chris Bamewall,

Robin Lopez, once again, being Robin Lopez (by Casey Holdahl, Instagram)

ESPN Power Rankings (by Marc Stein,

Steve Blake video knocking Ken Faried on his teakettle!!! (by (yea I know, it's kind of old news now)

Nice write up on the Lopez brothers, from the other brother's perspective  (by Steve Serby,

Wes Money as the 6th man? (by Jamie Hudson,

Not sure if everyone has noticed, but Portland has a couple of pretty good centers!.. Chris Kaman is looking more and more like the perfect answer to the second unit. I know a collective groan went out when his signing was announced, but Neil Olshey deserves a big high-five at this point in the season for bringing the Sasquatch to Portland.

Chris Kaman consistency off the bench, and Dwight Jaynes adds his take on our own version of the twin towers. (by

I'm glad we didn't get this Chris Kaman (think there was a coaching problem in L.A.?)  (by Twitter)

Trivia Question...who's 3rd in the NBA in defense?....  answer (by

From our friend John Canzano, an outstanding interview with Meyers Leonard on the Bald Face Truth

Joe Freeman and Casey Holdahl, Rip City Report podcast  (by Joe Freeman, O-Live)