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Chris Kaman Embarks on Reality TV Career

Portland's newest center is angling for a new career in reality television.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Freeman of the Oregonian is reporting that Chris Kaman will soon have his own web reality show.  GRLA, a subsidiary of Vimeo will offer the show, titled "Exploring Kaman".

The show trailer, seen just below, features Kaman and friends heading off on self-described "alpha-male"-stocked adventures with emphasis on hilarity and craziness. Video highlights include pratfalls, pranks, and a semi-successful outing for Marlin.

"I think whoever would watch this would think that there's something wrong with me and wrong with my friends," [Kaman] said, straight-faced, without a hint of laughter.

The trailer:

The show also sports an official page and a Facebook page.

The first episode releases on October 17th.