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Calling All Women Sports Readers

Dave Deckard, Managing Editor of Blazer's Edge, calls out for assistance on a project from women who enjoy, read, and participate in sports coverage on the internet.

Brendon Thorne

Hey folks, it's Dave Deckard, Managing Editor here at Blazer's Edge.

I'm working on a project relating to sports journalism and sports discussion and I could use the perspective of women who participate in online forums regarding same. The goal is to help us understand sports discussion better and maybe understand each other better in the process.

If you are a woman and you can spend a few minutes talking to me via e-mail, please send a note to:  It'll be anonymous and you're not on the hook for anything. I just want to hear about your experience.

I'll listen to as many people as want to respond, so don't be shy.

--Dave (