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Meyers Leonard Morphing Into Hybrid Big Man

Could Meyers Leonard's role on the Blazers be changing?

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Freeman, writing for, examines the evolution of Meyers Leonard from a projected center to a "stretch four" even as the traditional role of NBA center itself evolves. Freeman observed:

At the very least, Leonard is becoming a "hybrid" big man who can play a little power forward and a little center, depending on matchups and lineups.

Trail Blazer Damian Lillard had this to say of his team mate Leonard:

I think we should accept the fact that Meyers is a guy that can shoot the ball, a guy who can really jump, who can really run the floor, and has good hands. I think that's what he's really good at. I don't think you should force him to get in the paint and dunk every time and stuff like that.

Leonard developing into a hybrid big would challenge fans to think, if not out of the box, at least outside M. C. Escher’s popularized Mobius Strip when considering the arc of his career.