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Portland Trail Blazers: Phil Naessens and Dave Deckard Talk Hoops

Dave guests on the Phil Naessens Show to discuss all things Blazers!

Steve Dykes

It's time again to feature Dave on the one, the only Phil Naessens Show. Phil used to broadcast from Greece, now from the East Coast. That makes his show literally 135% more 'MERICAN! (Also useful since it's broadcast on Armed Forces Radio and such.)

Today Phil and I talk about the first win of the year, upcoming opponents, the Bash Brothers, and Phil boldly predicts a 3-0 record for Portland then throws me under the bus because I say that's the most likely outcome. Apparently "most likely" pales in comparison to "CUZ PHIL SAID SO!"

Take a listen. Blazers segment is at the end but you'll hear Matt Moore and more if you listen to the whole thing.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge