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Blazer's Edge News: New Season, New Avatar

After 8 straight years, "Smiling Cat" has been retired. See what replaced him as Dave's new avatar.

Goodbye, Old Friend...
Goodbye, Old Friend...

For eight straight years at Blazer's Edge, from its infancy to full-fledged internet dominance, through Summer Leagues and Oden injuries, through Roy playoff games and Lillard drafts, through triumph and tragedy, one facet of the site has remained the same. My avatar, the famous "Smiling Cat" has accompanied every comment I've made.

Today, that's changed.

In case you haven't seen it, Smiling Cat has been replaced by this little darling:

Belle Dave's Avatar

Her name is Belle and she's a real, live kitten at the Columbia Humane Society. That's a basketball she's posing with, just so she could be on Blazer's Edge.

But that's not all. Some of the other animals at Columbia Humane Society have agreed to pose too. You can find them with their own basketballs on a page called BlazersEdge Avatars on the Humane Society's website. They include...


BE Avatar Missy

Sowwy coach...I missed da free throws.


BE Avatar Burnadette

I canz playz now?


BE Avatar Mama

Seriously? You couldn't get around that screen?


BE Avatar Copper

15th Man...again.

There are a dozen avatars for you to adopt in all. These animals are available for real-life adoption as well, so you could get a new avatar and then get the pet that goes with it!

Columbia Humane Society didn't ask me to say this, but I'm thinking about it myself. If you do want one of these adorable avatars, it wouldn't hurt to slip them a couple bucks so they could take care of more animals (and maybe make more avatars in the future). The donation page is here. They're not asking for it, but just sayin'.

Anyway, enjoy the avatars. And if you adopt Belle, you better be really nice to her because:

A. I want her. Bad. And...

B. She's an official Blazer's Edge cat now.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge