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Portland Trail Blazers 2014-15 Season Preview: Predicting the MVP

The trusty cohort of Blazer's Edge authors predicts the 2014-15 Trail Blazers Most Valuable Player


Our gaggle of Blazer's Edge writers returns to predict the Team MVP for the season. As with last hour's playoff seeding question, this is the first time in recent memory that there's even been a discussion on this matter. Enjoy the brave new world!

Who is the 2014-15 Trail Blazers MVP?


I'm interpreting this as the "LaMarcus or Damian" question. Of course, we all know that they play off each other, and would not be quite as successful on their own. It's nice to watch a team with that kind of synergy. But in the end, this is Damian's third season, which is where many of the best players make their leap to the next level. I expect the same here, as Lillard becomes team alpha and MVP.


Sam Tongue@SamTongue

LaMarcus Aldridge. Let's not overthink this people: Aldridge is hands down the best player on the team. When he was hurt for a period of time last season, the struggles were obvious. Damian Lillard will eventually get there, but this is still Aldridge's team. If he isn't producing, this team flirts with not making the playoffs.


Evans Clinchy@evansclinchy

LaMarcus Aldridge, with Damian Lillard a very, very close second. If LMA averages 23 and 11 for another season, it's really hard to pick against him. He's turned into one of the most productive power forwards in the league, if not the most productive.


Scott Horlbeck@scott_horlbeck

Damian Lillard. He's the Blazers' most important player, their best player (in my opinion), and I think his second to third year jump will be huge. Predicting All-NBA third team.


Willy Raedy

LaMarcus Aldridge. Duh.


Ryan A. Chase

Who else? LaMarcus Aldridge went completely insane against Houston in the playoffs last season. When he is at his best, he is one of the seven best players in the league; an unguardable juggernaut who can pick his shot from any range while providing above-average defense. Damian Lillard is stepping up his game and improving every season, but Aldridge is the leader, the captain, and the champion who takes Portland to the next level.


Chris Lucia@ChrisLucia_BE

Can I say Co-MVPs here and say both Lillard and Aldridge? If not, I'll go with Aldridge. Lillard is barely behind here, though.

Sagar Trika@BlazersBySagar

LaMarcus Aldridge is without a doubt the best player on the Portland Trail Blazers. Lillard is also very good, but this is still Aldridge's team, and I think it'll stay that way for a little while longer.

Conclusion: The staff is mostly on the side of Aldridge but Lillard is making inroads. Is this true of readers as well? Give your rationale for one or the other...or go off the board if you dare.