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Blazer's Edge Night 2015 Announced!

Blazer's Edge asks your help in sending more than 1000 underprivileged kids and chaperons to the March 30th game vs. Phoenix. Find out how you can make a dream come true!

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Ladies and Gentlemen of Blazer's's time.

Every year this website commits to boosting up the next generation of Trail Blazers fans through Blazer's Edge Night. We offer tickets to a Blazers game to teachers, principals, caregivers, foster parents, aid workers, counselors, and all varieties of people who work with underprivileged youth and kids. We ask nothing of them in return. If they have the need, we fill it.

Last year we sent over 1,000 kids and chaperons to the March 20th game against the Washington Wizards which (of course) the Blazers won, because...Blazer's Edge Night! In our 7-year history of doing this I can recall the team losing only once, when Jerryd Bayless missed a buzzer-beating jumper against New Orleans. If nothing else the winning percentage alone should interest you. You want the team to do well this year, right?

But seriously, you haven't lived until you've look down section after section of the Moda Center and realize that most of those sections are populated with kids that you helped who otherwise wouldn't get to see a game in person. I say this every year, but the whole experience is populated with amazing moments.

The adults who work with these kids usually write cautiously. "I don't mean to bother you, but I know this kid..." or "I have this class..." or "I coach this team..." They think it's a longshot. They don't understand that we ask you for enough tickets that, so far, we've been able to send almost everyone who asks. Sometimes I can't even make it through their whole story without sending an e-mail back saying, "YES!!!"

The response comes, "If you need any...wait. Yes???"

"YES! Tell your kids that they can go."

"Oh my gosh. Thank you! Where do I pay for my own ticket so I can take them?"

"You're not paying for a ticket. We're sending you too. Thanks for what you do."

At that point, their day is made.

And not just their day. We've heard from teachers and coaches especially that one of the best parts is the anticipation. When they get to announce that their class or team is going to a Blazers game, celebration ensues. Some teachers have formed lesson plans around the experience...subbing in basketball players and statistics for trains in story problems and such. They teach about the history of the team or just ask kids who their favorite players are. All of a sudden students who weren't interested in class much become more engaged.

Then come the stories from the night itself. Car rides or max rides in. Sometimes a special dinner. Wide eyes, like the kids can't believe they got invited to this. Walking into the Moda Center for the first time...there's something awe-inspiring about seeing the big scoreboard and the floor logo for the first time. And then when the game starts, the noise! The cheering. The stories that come pouring out afterwards from teachers and parents about how they got to see their kids smile and be kids for a while.

We've heard again and again how much this simple gesture means. You wouldn't think one game can make such a difference, but it does. As I said, last year we did this one...thousand...times...over, an incredible achievement. Our demand was also higher than ever before as news about the event spreads. We're looking to equal or exceed that number again this year.

Here's how you can help.


This year's Blazer's Edge Night Game will be March 30th against the Phoenix Suns.

This event is not sponsored. Every ticket comes from readers of this site and is given directly to people in need. Whether you purchase 1 ticket or a group of 10 or 50, each ticket equates to another person going.

Tickets can be purchased through this link: Promo Code: BLAZERSEDGE

You simply click on the gray bar that says, "Donate Tickets" and follow the prompts.

Ticket Cost ranges from $13-16 each this year. (There seems to be some hitch in the price quoted at first. When you complete the order to the end you should see the correct price.) We tried to get a less expensive game but the timing of those games came too early, so the cost is a little more than it was last season. But remember...even one ticket counts. If you're a college student, gather some friends, pitch in $5 each, and get a ticket. If you've been blessed and can manage more, please help make up for others. We have 5 months to do this, but a good start will help.

You can also mail order tickets using the pdf below, which contains all the info you need. Click on the link above each image to find a printable version.


Thank you so much for making this dream a reality. If you serve underprivileged children or youth and would like to be included in Blazer's Edge Night 2015, don't hesitate to write to the e-mail address below.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge

BE Night 2015

BE Night 2015