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The Greatest Rap Lyrics about the Trail Blazers Ever

@DefendTiller gives a rundown of the greatest rap lyrics to ever reference the Portland Trail Blazers. It's totally [insert slang adjective that we're too square to use properly].

Theo Wargo

The redoubtable @DefendTiller has crafted a detailed list called, "Make 'Em Jump Like Rod Strickland: The 10 Greatest Rap Lyrics about the Portland Trail Blazers". He even offers suggested videos to watch when listening to the cuts.

An example:

#10: Birdman, My Jewel

Blue and yellow mirror, that's my Indiana Pacer
Black with the red beam, my Portland Trail Blazer

Artist / Song: Young Jeezy - "My Jewel" by Birdman feat Bun B & Young Jeezy

Description: The Birdman and Bun B lead this cut off with some effortless boasts from the Robin Leach playbook, but the song really kicks into gear when the Snowman shows up and begins free associating. Portland's inclusion in this couplet can be considered a lucky break - it's easy to imagine Jeezy simply rhyming "Indiana Pacer" with "Indiana Pacer" on earlier takes.

Ideal Video Accompaniment: Best heard while watching Darius Miles' equally cocksure performance against the Denver Nuggets.

Except his formatting is better and he has actual videos.

It can probably go without saying that some of those lyrics are NSFW, just in case you're worried about that. But if you want a chronicle of the franchise's place in the rap game, check it out. It's an idea I wish we had thought of!

Dave Deckard( / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge