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The Unlikely Viral Video of Damian Lillard's Series-Winning Shot

Casey Parks of The Oregonian tells the tale of the unlikely viral video of Damian Lillard's famous series-winning shot.

Steve Dykes

The Oregonian is running a "Soul of Rip City" series this week in which they talk about the Portland Trail Blazers from different perspectives. One of the most compelling articles was penned by Casey Parks. It chronicles the viral video of Damian Lillard's shot that vanquished the Houston Rockets in Game 6 of last year's first-round playoff series. It's a tale of internet intrigue, serendipitous timing, and a young man with Trail Blazer lineage in his blood who never thought his work would become famous.

He's also a 14-year-old boy with a braces-laced grin that goes goofy when he talks about his brushes with fame. He plays jazz piano and makes straight A's. Though his grandpa has the best seats in the house reserved for life, Laz doesn't sit court side all that often.

"I get the privilege to sit in those seats four or five times a year," Laz said. "I don't want to take advantage."

This is well worth a read, along with the Oregonian's other pieces.

Dave Deckard( / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge