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Trail Blazers Season Preview from

The crew at have tackled a preview for every team in the league. See what they say about the Trail Blazers!

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Mike Prada, Jason Patt, and Ricky O'Donnell of have published previews of every NBA team, accompanied by features, maps, and the obligatory Big Video on LeBron James. Scroll a little further down in our layout and you'll see the massive link to enough NBA goodness to keep you occupied until the season tips off.

For the Blazer-centric among us, here's a sample of their Trail Blazers preview:

How They Play

Is "Spurs-like" fair? That may seem sacrilegious, but Portland’s half-court Flow offense is a thing of beauty.

(The funny thing is, I suspect they meant sacrilegious to Spurs fans. Around here we'd take comparing the Blazers to anybody else as sacrilege.)

Portland was hyper-conservative defensively last year, letting Robin Lopez hang way back on pick and rolls and asking its wing defenders to stay at home on shooters. Expect the latter to change and the former to remain the same.

On the Ever-Elusive "6th Man"

Will Barton also has a chance to be a big-time contributor off the pine, but he'll need to demonstrate more controlled play. Thomas Robinson also struggled to play within himself at times, so seeing the game slow down for him a bit this year would be nice...

But perhaps one of the most overlooked pieces among Stotts' reserves is forward Dorell Wright. A few years ago, he led the entire league in three-pointers made. Last year, he had one of his worst seasons as a pro, struggling to get his offense going in limited minutes. If Wright can rediscover his outside shot, the minutes at small forward behind Nicolas Batum are his for the taking. The 11-year veteran should have a solid bounce-back season.

And in a separate piece...

Why You Should Watch the Blazers

LaMarcus Aldridge was cooking anyone who stepped in his way during last yea'rs playoffs. It didn't matter if the Houston Rockets put Dwight Howard, Omer Asik, Terrence Jones, Otis Thorpe or Carl Herrera on him. For a brief moment, we had to entertain the thought of Aldridge as the best power forward in the game. Those step-back jumpers, that post game, all those rebounds ... it was the Aldridge dream actualized.

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