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Calling All Season Ticket Holders, Mods, and More!

Blazer's Edge gives it's last call-out of the summer. See how you can contribute!

Hey folks, Dave here.

As summer closes we're looking to fill in a couple corners in our coverage. See if any of these apply to you!

Are you a Season-Ticket Holder this season?

If so, we may have a chance for you to write on a finite, couple-week-long basis. It'd be an easy, fun way to be a part of our coverage and get your voice heard without committing to being a permanent part of the B.E. team. Clear communication skills and the ability to write efficiently (and enthusiastically) help.

Do you live in another NBA city and plan to see the Blazers when they come to your town this year?

Ditto for you.

Are you wise, capable, compassionate, and a huge closet admirer of Timmay?

For the first time in a long time we're looking to take on a couple of site moderators. I say "in a long time" because our current mods have been with us forever. They're not leaving either. As the site grows we need a couple more hands to join them. It's a great way to be a part of the community, welcoming folks and helping site conversation flow. You'd be joining an active, supportive group with plenty of experience to get you up to speed. Previous moderating experience would be helpful. Deep experience with (and appreciation for) our community is a must.

If any of these interest you, write me at: