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NBA GM Survey: LaMarcus Aldridge Tied For Best Power Forward

After his second round playoff appearance, Aldridge surpassed both Kevin Love and Anthony Davis to tie Blake Griffin for the title of NBA's best Power Forward.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

John Schuhmann at has posted the annual NBA General Managers survey of thoughts about the 2014-15 basketball season. The GM's were quizzed on 7 categories that included: predictions, players, off-season moves, rookies & international, defense, coaches, and miscellaneous.

In the power forward category LaMarcus Aldridge shared top honors with Blake Griffin, both capturing 25% of the vote. Here is a retrospect of how the roundtable of Blazers Edge writers recently ranked LaMarcus.

In other voting:

The San Antonio Spurs were overwhelmingly picked to once again win the '14 -'15 NBA Finals. With 42.6% of the vote, the Spurs outdistanced their new rival the Cleveland Cavaliers at 15.4% to win it all.

When queried which team would win the Northwest Division, they were almost unanimous by awarding that distinction to the Oklahoma City Thunder, leaving the Portland Trail Blazers a distant second with just a 7.1% to overcome the currently Durantless Thunder.

In the race for top point guard position Chris Paul of the LA Clippers received 71.4% of the vote, Russell Westbrook garnered 10.7% for second, and Tony Parker pulled 7.1% for third. Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, and Derrick Rose also received votes.

No other Blazer players were mentioned in their positional categorizes in the survey. Wesley Matthews was tied with multiple players for third-best role player, and Steve Blake came in second as an active player that would make the best head coach.

A belated hat-tip to fulcrum89 for getting there first in Fanshots!