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Final: Blazers Beat Nuggets, 93-75, Solidify Rotation

In a completely untelevised game, the Blazers held off a late Nuggets run for another preseason win. But the Blazers rotation is looking interesting.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Blazers beat the Nuggets tonight to move to 3-2 for preseason with two games to play. Chris Kaman suffered a laceration to the head and left early, but will likely be fine. The starters all played well, and Dorell Wright stood out in limited minutes. [Box score]

Casey Holdahl has on site coverage at Forward Center

There is little to discuss about this game due to lack of television coverage, but one clear trend has appeared at this point: Blazers coach Terry Stotts' regular season rotation. Here is what we know:

Starters: Lillard, Matthews, Batum, Aldridge, Lopez
Clearly in rotation: Kaman, Blake, Freeland
Status to be determined: McCollum, Barton, Wright
Seemingly out of the rotation: Robinson, Leonard, Claver, Crabbe

Assuming these are correct assumptions, how do you feel about the Blazers' rotation at this point? Of the "Status TBD" group, who would you play and who would you sit?

Tomorrow night, the Blazers are right back in action, against the Lakers in Los Angeles. That should be interesting. The last preseason game is Friday night in LA against the Clippers, and will be televised on NBA TV.

The Blazers have posted video highlights of tonight's game: