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Gameday Thread: Blazers vs. Nuggets

With three games left in preseason, we're likely to see the rotation tighten.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Injury Update: Steve Blake is still in Portland tonight due to a respiratory illness, and may miss the final three games of preseason. He's expected to be ready for opening night at latest. Ty Lawson is out tonight for the Denver Nuggets.

The Portland Trail Blazers take on the Denver Nuggets in the fifth game of preseason. The bad news is that this game is not being televised by any source available to Portland. The good news is the modification to the rules at the bottom, just for this game.

Tip-off Time: 6:00 pm
Viewing options: Onsite at the stadium. Otherwise, none (see first comment)
Listening: Local radio, Audio League Pass

On top of the site guidelines. don't forget these gameday rules!

1. No pictures, please.
2. Be cool and respectful toward each others, the players, etc.
3. There is no number 3.

Enjoy the game! Go Blazers. -- Tim