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Meyers Leonard Striving for Better Play

Peter Socotch at pens a lengthy piece about the improvement and fortunes of Portland Trail Blazers center Meyers Leonard.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Socotch at has written a lengthy piece on Meyers Leonard's desire to not only play meaningful minutes on the court this season but how he is putting in the extra time and work to accomplish the goals he and the team are setting out for him this season. Not only did he travel to work out with assistant coach Kim Hughes and Chris Kaman in Michigan, but he spent time this summer at Tim Grgurich's camp for big men in Las Vegas.

That's probably the best I've felt in a long time on the court," Leonard said. "I felt like I had high energy, was more aggressive, more confident. I was taking shots, making shots with more confidence. Being a presence on defense, running the floor, doing all of the things that people probably anticipate that I should be doing. But it's just taking game reps like I talked about last season that everyone sees that I can shoot the ball, and I'm big and athletic, they wonder why where is that? And it's just taking me some game reps this summer and being in the flow of the game to begin to understand timing and where to be and be being a step quicker than last year, so that was good.

Many of Leonard's team mates have noticed the length of time he is putting in beyond practices, and his growing confidence and aggressiveness while on the court.