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Damian Lillard Previews Signature Shoe, the DLillard1

Damian Lillard gives the world a peak at his first signature shoe from Adidas.

Portland Trail Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard released a preview of his first signature shoe, the DLillard1, on his Facebook page this morning.

Here's a preview of my 1st signature shoe. The adidas Basketball #DLillard1. Can't say anything more for now other than they drop in 2015. #staytuned #adidasoncourt #threestripelife #teamadidas

DLillard1 Shoe

Earlier this year Adidas issues the Crazylight Boost shoe with Lillard at the center of their ad campaign.

Gotta love the Trail Blazer color scheme on this one. Can't wait to see the final product!

--Dave / @DaveDeckard @Blazersedge