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My "We Are Rip City" Commercial Shoot Experience

Blazer's Edge writer Sagar Trika gives a summary of his experience at one of the "We Are Rip City" commercial shoots.

Steve Dykes

I was lucky enough to go to one of the four "We Are Rip City" commercial shoots the Trail Blazers held this past week and I'm able to give a first-person look into them.

I went to the shoot at Pioneer Square yesterday afternoon, and got there at 12:30. After signing photo release forms, we were given red wrist-bands to indicate that we were allowed to take a photo with the players (those who came later got black wrist-bands and couldn't get photos). The crowd was much smaller than I had anticipated, likely because people were at work.

Between 12:30 and about 1:15, people were being pulled out of line to be filmed for the shoot. The coordinators had me and a few others run across the "Rip City" sign with the missing "i."

At 1:30, we learned that LaMarcus Aldridge, Thomas Robinson, and Steve Blake would show up for filming and photos. Once they arrived at around 2:15, they took individual shots with the Rip City sign. After that, we got lined up for the big group photo that you might have seen on the Trail Blazers' Twitter account.

After that, those who had arrived early enough to get red wrist-bands formed a line to take photos with the players. I was able to get mine fairly quickly and was done with the event by about 3:00.

If you didn't get to go to one of the shoots, I hoped this provided a look into what they looked like.