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Chris Kaman Goes Wild in Reality Series "Exploring Kaman"

The next great piece of America cinema is here. Say hello to "Exploring Kaman."

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

I was forwarded the trailer to this masterpiece by the great Dave Deckard. Within seconds, I knew it was something special. If you’re unfamiliar with a web series, it’s basically a television show released on the Internet but with shorter episodes. Think of it like a pizza-pocket.

[ed. Warning if you click through to the video: you're leaving Blazer's Edge and its boundaries. This series is going to be...different.]

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, "Exploring Kaman."

Kaman 1

0:03 We start with a cold open of Chris Kaman in jeans and a White T walking toward the camera.

Kaman 2

0:11 Chris starts climbing everything in sight. "When the season is over, I’m ready for an adventure."

Kaman 3

0:14 Just shooting a broken down car with a high-powered rifle, as one does.

Kaman 4

0:20 "The trips I take are usually not well thought out." Really? That seems surprising.

Kaman 4

0:30 30 seconds in and we finally find out what we’re going to be doing with Chris. BLUE MARLIN FISHING!!!!!!

Kaman 6

0:38 "I had dreams of grandeur of catching a Blue Marlin. You know what grandeur is? It’s awesome." Like Hemingway with his words.

Kaman 7

0:50 We get to meet some of Chris’s friends.

Kaman 8

0:51 Who seem like cool guys.

Kaman 10

1:07 Yeah. This.

Kaman 11

1:10 Weird cat noise.

Kaman 12

1:19 I’m not totally sure what’s happening here and I’m also not sure I have a guess.

Kaman 12


Kaman 13

1:26 Yep, he did. Also, creepy smile guy on the left.

Kaman 15

1:34 "I think that whoever would watch this would think that there’s something wrong with me and something wrong my friends."

Kaman 14

1:36 Dope logo.

Kaman 19

1:40 Prepare yourselves.

Quick take-a-ways:

  • Chris seems kinda crazy
  • His friends do too
  • They love guns
  • He still gives people titty-twisters
  • He has dreams of grandeur
  • He was probably the kid in middle school who would eat anything for 5 bucks
  • I doubt he has a 401K
  • He really wants to catch a Blue Marlin
  • I couldn't be more excited for this show

So there you have it. The next great piece of American cinema. Breaking Bad, you've been warned.

Note: I will be keeping you updated on the progress of "Exploring Kaman" because let's face needs to be done.