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Portland Trail Blazers on Sirius/XM Radio Wrap-Up

Sirius/XM Radio's NBA team were in Portland yesterday examining the ins and outs of the Trail Blazers training camp. Hear the interviews here!

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The good folks from Sirius/XM Radio rolled into town yesterday to examine the Portland Trail Blazers training camp, part of a national tour covering a dozen NBA franchises. Justine Termine and Mike Dunleavy Sr. conducted the interviews.

Damian Lillard on Team USA and "The Shot"

Money quotes from Damian Lillard:

I would have rather they just said you're not good enough . . . as soon as they cut me I changed my diet.

Moe Williams was like you better go get the ball . . . and I got free and Nico was looking for the lob still so I had to clap at him.

LaMarcus Aldridge on Three-Point Range and Getting Paid

Casey Holdahl of has a transcript of the Aldridge interview. Money quotes from LaMarcus:

I'm definitely going to shoot more threes. Coach has been trying to get me to shoot them for the last two years. I think I'm the last player who didn't want to shoot threes. I just wanted to wait until I was more comfortable with it. I definitely worked on it this summer and I feel more comfortable with it.

It was very critical, crucial that we had a great season. I'm getting older - I'm not old yet, but I'm definitely getting up there in years and in age so I didn't want to be in my prime on a team that didn't have a chance to win. So the fact that we had that great season and that we made that big step, that was great for me and my mental psyche of wanting to stay here and be in this organization

Terry Stotts on Upcoming Improvements

Money quotes from Terry Stotts:

Next step for us is to be a top-ten defensive team.

The thing I was most proud of last season was winning nine out of our last ten.

Neil Olshey on the Growth of His Two All-Stars

Money quotes from Neil Oshey:

Damian has developed a floater game which is huge now with everybody loading their bigs to the rim . . . but his biggest commitment is to the defensive end.

LA has extended his range.  The fact that he can get out to 22-23 feet and make shots . . . opens up driving lanes for Nicolas and Damian.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard @Blazersedge