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Aldridge Named Best Power Forward in NBA

SB Nation's Sonics Rising names their top Power Forwards in the NBA, and LaMarcus Aldridge heads the list.


Dantae Delgato at SB Nation's Sonics Rising has a post on ranking the NBA best power forwards of 2014-2015, based on the consensus of the Sonics Rising crew and some of their guests. LaMarcus Aldridge captures the #1 ranking of the top 30 starting power forwards by

The term power forward has faced quite the evolution from the early days in the NBA. I grew up watching the "classic" power forward: back to the basket, rarely ventured out to mid-range. Rebounding was his forte', and he was the enforcer on defense. Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Charles Oakley, Dennis Rodman, of course Shawn Kemp.

The NBA's power forwards today are mobile, athletic, and as adept at playing down low as they are out behind the three-point line. With spacing a priority, the "Stretch-4" is all the rave in today's game. Though some things never change, the best power forwards in the league still rebound, defend, and enforce, just in different ways.

The top 30 power forwards are laid out in a 5 tier format with The Questionable Crew, The Underrated Ones, The Consistent Starters, The Steady Veterans, and The Cream of the Crop. In the early results of their poll, Aldridge is locked in battle with New Orleans' Anthony Davis.

Blazers Edge's Dave Deckard and Sam Tongue recently discussed the same topic in their video review of LaMarcus Aldridge.