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Portland Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard Driving, Defense, and Robinson vs. Leonard

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In the first Blazer's Edge Videocast of 2014, Dave Deckard and Sam Tongue of tackle the most pressing issues of the New Year, including Damian Lillard's driving, Portland's defense, and the great Thomas Robinson vs. Meyers Leonard debate.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Blazer's Edge readers, glad you could join us for the first Videocast of 2014!

In this edition of the Videocast, Dave and Sam cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from the team's defensive struggles, what to do with the bench and concerns about Damian Lillard finishing at the rim. As usual, there's a little trade talk involved, specifically about how to bolster the bench.

Couple other notes... as usual, send any email questions to -- these Videocasts as well as Dave's weekly (or more) mailbags are an opportunity for us to get to your emails. Your questions are the focus, so keep sending them in!

Also, at the end of the video (~39 minutes) is Dave talking about Blazer's Edge night, a yearly grassroots project the site runs to send underprivileged youth and their chaperons to a Blazer game. This year, Blazer's Edge is setting their sights on sending 1,000 people to the game, and we can't do it without your help! More information about both donating to the project and how to apply for tickets can be found here.

For now, enjoy!