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Final: Oklahoma City Holds Off Portland, 105-97

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Portland and Oklahoma City played a game with playoff-atmosphere, keeping thing close to the final minutes. But a late Oklahoma City run put the game away.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Blazers were led by LaMarcus Aldridge, Wesley Matthews, Robin Lopez

Box Score

First Quarter: A nice start, as the Blazers stopped OKC from scoring, while dominating at the other end. By the time it was 11-2, OKC coach Scott Brooks called a timeout. As expected, they started handing the ball to Kevin Durant, who settled his team down. From there, Portland's shooting cooled, and neither team could gain an advantage.

Portland 27, Oklahoma City 21

I miss having the I5 rivalry :( Move them back to Seattle now.
by KingLamarcus

Second Quarter: Portland's bench plus Wes scored 5 quick points to push their lead into double digits. But as the bench struggled to get into their offensive sets, and gave up multiple offensive rebound opportunities, OKC closed the gap. And after a solid half, Portland had a short stretch of poor play, and Oklahoma City took full advantage, seizing the lead. For 5 seconds, before Lillard hit a layup just before the buzzer.

Portland 52, Oklahoma City 51

Love seeing LMA's focus and drives inside after the letdown of the Houston game. Too bad this one wasn’t televised instead.
by HowlinJoeWolf

Third Quarter: A carbon copy of the first half, as the Blazers took control with strong shooting and good defense... only to struggle (as the bench arrived) late in the quarter, allowing OKC to storm back and take the lead on a last-second three-pointer from Durant. Blazer rookie CJ McCollum had a nice offensive stint during this stretch.

Oklahoma City 77, Portland 75

We're close to going 3 on 1 on one of if not the toughest 4 in 5 road trip in the whole league. We are awesome.
by TheDSpot

Fourth Quarter: OKC held the early lead, but the Blazer defense got a few stops, and they pulled into a two-possession lead. It was short-lived, as Portland went into the penalty and OKC pulled close with free throws. But in turn, OKC quickly went into the penalty as well. Portland held down a 3 point lead with 4:30 left. Portland missed two layups on a break, including one goaltended (the refs missed it, which brings back memories), but Durant was called for a charge at the other end. He promptly picked up a technical foul afterward. Portland held a 5 point lead with 3:45 left. But OKC scored 5 quick points to tie the game with 2:52 left. Portland called timeout.

Out of the timeout, Portland turned the ball over on a bad pass by Lillard, and Reggie Jackson scored on a floater to give OKC the lead with 2:10 left. Portland had an out of bounds play with 2.3 seconds left on the shot clock, but couldn't score. But at the other end, Kendrick Perkins hit a jumper for a 4 point lead. Needing points, Portland went Aldridge, whose shot bounced out. Batum got the offensive rebound, and Aldridge missed again. Durant hit a three at the other end, and this game was over. But everyone should brace for the teams' next encounter, because it's on.

What's Next:

A plane trip home and a day off for the Blazers, after which they'll play the Denver Nuggets (who have learned that Danilo Gallinari is done for the season). In the meantime, stay tuned for more analysis of tonight's game from Dave.

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