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Dudley: Blazers' Paul Allen Discusses Ownership Style

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Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen discusses his 20-plus years of sports team ownership.


Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times has an extended article on Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen, whose Seattle Seahawks are competing in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

The article is Seahawks-centric but includes a number of quotes from Allen about his 20-plus years of sports team ownership and how he views his role.

"In football and basketball I like to think of myself as more of a sounding board," Allen said, "somebody that, especially with the general manager, will talk through some things, different options."


For his part, Allen brings an analytical, business perspective to the discussions.

"There's two different aspects," he explains, lightly tapping a can of caffeine-free Diet Coke on his office table for emphasis. "There's thinking about what it's going to do to your profitability as a team. And then there's the, ‘OK, if we load up on a few guys right now, how much does it restrict our flexibility in the future if that guy's no longer around?'"

Clearly, you can take the guy out of Microsoft, but you can't take Microsoft out of him.

"There's almost a mathematical aspect to it that I probably wrap my head around a little bit more than some owners do," Allen admits.

Click here for the full piece, which goes back to Allen's childhood.

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