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Blazer's Edge Podcast: Episode 2

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Listen to the second episode of the Blazer's Edge Podcast, including takes on the D-League, coach Stotts' rotation, potential trades, C.J. McCollum's play, T-Rob and much more!


This week's episode of the Blazer's Edge Podcast covers several topics. I talked about:

-The Blazers' use of the Idaho Stampede
-Portland coach Terry Stotts' bench rotation
-Potential Blazer trades
-The emergence of rookie C.J. McCollum
-Thomas Robinson's recent role off the bench
-The upcoming road schedule
-Much more!

Episode 2 of the podcast clocks in at 1:45:00 -- yes, it's that long! I went solo for this podcast without any guests, and I just sat down with an outline, hit record and ended up with an hour and 45 minutes of Blazers talk.

As always, feedback is always appreciated, whether it's in the comments or via twitter or email.

Download or stream an .mp3 for Episode 2 of the podcast here: bedge_podcast_ep2

iTunes support coming soon.

-- Chris Lucia | | Twitter